Asian Wedding Venues in London

May 1, 2021

Asia is home to different types of people with a vast cultural and geographical diversity. Asia was also the site of many of the first civilizations also. The Asian culture comprises different varieties of lifestyles, philosophy, literature, art, music, architecture and religion that has been practiced and perpetuated by the different ethnic groups that have inhabited the continent. Almost all major religions in the world has their origin in Asia including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.

As Asia is a mix of diverse people and traditions, it also has a variety of festivals and celebrations. Not only does the celebrations depend on the region where they live, festivals, rituals and celebrations also differ based on religion. For example, wedding traditions rituals, and ways of worship are different for each religion.

London is home to many Asians. So it is imperative that we have Asian Wedding Venues in London to meet all their requirements. Well the good news is that we have luxurious and premier Wedding Venues in London that can be turned into any type of wedding venue that you need. Be it a traditional South-Indian Hindu Wedding or a Modern Christian Wedding, or a North-Indian wedding with all glitters, it is available.

So what are the basic requirements that you look for in a Asian Wedding Venue while in London? How can you find the best Asian Wedding Venue in London? What are the factors that should be considered while you book a venue?

1. Kind or Type of Venue: 

This is the first question. Which type of wedding do you prefer? Are you looking for a luxurious setting or do you prefer a pocket friendly option? What are the facilities you require? Based on your requirements, you have the following kinds of Wedding Venues available in London:

Outdoor Venues: Many service providers provide you outdoor gardens and farms that can set a perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. It would be wise to take into consideration the weather during that time of the year before you go for Outdoor Venues.

Indoor Venues: Indoor venue choosers can have a variety of Premier Banqueting Halls to choose from. These venues will be elegantly decorated to suit your needs and can also be used for pre and post wedding rituals.

Dry Hire Venues: This type of venue will be the perfect choice for those who wish to bring their own Asian Caterer.

Manor Houses: London has many stately homes which are available for conducting a perfect wedding.

2. Size of the Venue

Size of the Venue is really important while planning the wedding. You should choose the venue based on the number of guests that you are inviting. Also it should have enough space to include all the decorations, the dance floor, the mandap if needed etc. It will be better if you start looking for the hall as soon as the date is fixed because the perfect venue that you choose should also be available for you on your special day. Also ask them about the parking arrangements, and also the nearest public transport systems available in case any of your guests needs it.

3. Decor:

Decor is really important because it can show off what your culture is all about. Make sure the Venue has the specific type of decorations you need or that they have event planners who can do that for you. Also check with them if they arrange for photographers, photo booths etc.

4. Caterers:

Another main factor is the cuisine. Cuisine shows your cultural heritage more than anything. It is important that you have the best catering units that can provide authentic Asian Cuisine, be it food or drinks. So while choosing the venue, make sure they provide the cuisine or your choice. Or else also make sure that they give you an option to bring your own catering teams. Also make sure they have a fully stocked bar if you plan on serving your guest alcohol or wine. Decide on whether the meals will be a traditional sit-down affair or a buffet.

Well no one knows how much planning and thought process it takes to plan a wedding till one has to do it for themselves. If the planning of the venue itself is this complicated, then think about the total effort that goes into pulling off a proper fairytale wedding. So let us summarize below the key points that you have to keep in mind while looking for an Asian Wedding Venue in London:

  1. Type of the Venue
  2. Size of the Venue
  3. Decor of the Venue
  4. Caterers
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