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A Vibrant Indian Wedding at Edmonton, London

Indian wedding has already made a lot of ink!……

Wedding revolves around gift-giving, attire, invitations and guest list. Indian weddings are often very colorful and lively – it’s a special time to discover Indian culture and traditions, even in a family that appears modern at the first glance, it’s during the wedding that the traditions come back at a gallop! Generally a Hindu wedding usually takes place for 3 days but might last up to twelve days depending on the family and their financial means.

The Indian weddings is composed of several religious rites and ancestral customs passed down from generation to generation, thus making the occasion an unforgettable event.There are a bunch of ceremonies & traditions that evolve around wedding but we’ll quickly go through the top 3 functions.


The Engagement ceremony also commonly called ‘Sagai’ is during which the exchange of gold rings takes place. This function is generally hosted in Banqueting Venues Enfield London by the bride’s parents to celebrate the couple’s wedding news.


In this ceremony married womans take turns to rub a mixture made up of oil, water and turmeric over the clothes and skin of the groom and bride. People believe that this mixture will moisturize and calm the couple’s skin before the marriage.

Mehendi & Sangeet:

Wedding ceremony will remain incomplete without Mehendi or Henna function. The day following the Haldi function is the day when woman gather together and apply intricate mehendi designs on the bride’s hand and feet. The function becomes fun-filled at the point when the bride’s family especially the womens start to sing songs – traditional and modern songs, accompanied by instruments.


The bride and groom exchange flower garlands and also deliver vows while making 7 laps around the havan to stay united forever. Following this, the groom applies sindoor on the parting of the bride’s hair and strings mangalsutra – necklace on the bride’s neck. The couple together bow down to get the blessings of their parents and other elders in the family.

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