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Banqueting Suite Perfect for Your Special Occasions

Courtesy, professionalism and impeccable service, reminds all of us about banqueting suites. They are destinations designed to make your moments of joy and celebration an unforgettable one.

Banqueting suites are inevitably the ideal location for events and banquets for the following reasons:

  • Every event needs its tailor-made location, so the Function Halls in North London allow its large spaces to be organized differently: from weddings, gala dinners, corporate cocktails to business lunches and Christmas dinners.
  • Large banqueting suites also have conference center, which can be transformed into a large and bright banquet hall particularly suitable for gala dinners and large wedding receptions.
  • Most of the banqueting suites feature a main lounge with fireplace – a more intimate area for private dining or dinners; Moreover, this special area can be transformed into a large banquet hall that can accommodate large numbers.
  • Some luxury banqueting venues in North London have high tech wine cellars, which can create a rustic and informal atmosphere ideal for small business meetings, parties and private or corporate cocktails.
  • Depending on the period and the type of occasion, it is possible to design the menu and the layout of the spaces by evaluating the most suitable scenery and in harmony with the style of the event: from the warm and wine cellar collection, perfect for the winter period , the elegant interior rooms up to the large garden with aviaries,vintage carriages and ponds, a perfect setting for bridal banquets and photography.


Situated in the heart of Hertford, ChennaiSpice one of the finest Banqueting suites in North London is one of the most ideal destination for those dreaming of fabulous wedding or a splendid party in the nature. The banqueting suite is the ideal place to celebrate the day beautifully in every season. The banqueting suite’s menu – exotic Indian menu offered by ChennaiSpice is aimed at enhancing the local tradition and the richness of the culinary, using seasonal raw materials coming from short chains or own production. Exquisite service and great food makes ChennaiSpice Banqueting Venues in Enfield London the perfect choice for any event!

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