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Best Authentic Indian And Srilankan Food in Edmonton London

Chennai Spice restaurant in UK offers Indian and Srilankan specialties in a warm atmosphere, where a team of experienced professionals, both in the dining room and in the kitchen, welcomes you with honor, respect and the tradition of the native land, and they ensure you have a very pleasant time while dining at our restaurant.

Must-Haves at Chennai Spice

The “Nans” are pancakes with rising dough, and garnished according to your taste (nature, cheese, garlic, meat, …). Baking is also done in the Tandoor oven, by pressing the slab directly onto the oven wall. The Nan is a must-have dish!

“Biryanis” are preparations made from meat or shrimp marinated with spices and slowly simmered and mixed with very fine rice and flavored with spices. The “Masala” (mixture) for biryani is prepared with exceptional flavors and hand picked spices and are available with sauces of different tastes, raised or soft.

Our Live Music Best Indian Restaurant in Edmonton can accommodate up to 100 people, and includes a non-smoking area. Our dining rooms are spacious and air conditioned to enjoy our cuisine in the best conditions. Upon your arrival, you will be comfortably settled, in a pleasant setting and a neat decor.

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