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Classic Services Provided By Banqueting Suites In North London

A Banquet hall is rented to host- professional seminars, corporate award ceremonies, weddings, family reunions, church benefits, association fund-raisers and much more. A Banquet in general is a huge meal or a feast that serves a purpose such as event, a ceremony, a celebration or a gathering. Business banquets are one of the best ways to strengthen bond between you and your partners.

The biggest problem in hosting a part at your very own place is that, you end up in messing your place. Which is quiet a tiresome work at the end of the day. Thus by renting out a banquet suites in North London can save you from a lot of trouble when it comes to preparing the party.

At Enfield London we have several Banqueting halls that give you complete freedom of preparing the party venue just the way you want. A lot of time when people have party at their house there is a chance they will receive a complaint from neighbors, in banquet halls you don’t need to face such problem.

The Best part of organizing a party in banquet hall is that you can mention the start time of the party and these venues have a definite cutoff time which means that you don’t need to chase anyone away. The guests will obviously know when the banquet hall will be closed, so this ultimately makes it a lot easier for you and your stress levels.

Services That Are Available in Banqueting Halls:

Catering Services:

Almost all Banquet halls will have catering services, be it any kind of meeting a reception, a business meet or anything people will need to eat. In case if these halls don’t provide you catering service, they will suggest you with list of catering services lined up. These halls are nominally priced when compared to Hotels and it’s a customary that you’ll tip them if the service is really good, but this is definitely not mandatory but it’s a nice gesture to their service.

You can also provide feedbacks to them as to where and what can be made to improve their service, so that it can help them to grab a huge customer base.

Valet Parking:

Most of the banquet halls will have valet parking without any additional charges, but in a very rare case they will charge a bit little extra. You don’t want to trouble your guests by finding a parking lot and hence it’s always better to pay a bit extra for the valet only at the cost of your guests.


This is generally not included in the pricing of the banquet hall, but in case if the hosts needs to include it this can be done with an extra charge, this is normally done through catering services and they will charge you per bottle. It’s always better to mention the rough estimate to catering services about number of people who will consume alcohol.

Based on all these information you can select the banquet hall that best suits you occasion.

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