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Exquisitely Private Dining Chambers at ChennaiSpice

What more can I say about this Indian Restaurant, I came to this restaurant on the recommendation of my cousin on a short visit to London. Enjoyed to the core. Great Service with an excellent food added to a lovely private dining room, Provided for the right dining experience on a saturday night.

Having said that,the opulence and grandeur of this restaurant takes luxury fine dining to another level altogether! It is just mind blowing and and just it’s sheer size can be initmidating!Only superlatives could probably do justice to something such as this!

At the fag end of the restaurant are those secluded Private Chambers with exquisitely done up interiors..!Also the restaurant comes equipped with its own bar in addition to scotch bottles which are used as decoratives, further enhance the already fabricated walls.

Ambience was luxurious and living up to one’s expectations.Rich and Traditional,this place will make you gleeful thoroughly.The staffs are well trained, Know their goods and absolutely sweet. When you take an overall view of the food, service and the atmosphere, I would rate this place as one of the Best Indian Private dining restaurant in London.

Thanks to our customer feedback about our Service, Sincerely we would like to see you here soon.

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