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Place to Make the Perfect Wedding Toast

Banquet halls are leased to host corporate award ceremonies, professional seminars, weddings, church benefits and a variety of other events. Today they are more suited for organizing social parties, personal events and office parties. Normally banquet halls are located within the bars, hotels and restaurants.

Enfield also called as Enfield Town, is the historic centre of the London Borough of Enfield. The town is well-known for its weapons and artillery manufacture. With a number of unrivalled parks, sculptures and museums you can enjoy a pint at Enfield. There is much more to explore here!

Every couple on Earth wants their D-day to be perfect and memorable one. And to make it possible, they are literally ready to go any way. Be it buying expensive attires, expensive jewelry but the foremost which many tend to procrastinate is looking out for an exotic destination wedding venue.

It’s good to find the location you are about to hold the Big Bash ahead. Well, if you live in Enfield, then you need not head out of the city, if you have a lavish wedding on your mind. Chennai Spice is one the best Indian restaurant offering exquisite South Indian and Srilankan food. Located in the heart of Edmonton, it is one of the hundreds of fabulous wedding locations Enfield London. With their elegant banqueting suite, you will surely find a room to suit your needs.

Banqueting Suite for your Special Day:

Chennai Spice has two lavish banqueting suites to choose from, they differ in sizes to accommodate a good number of people. Both the rooms are fully equipped with the essential amenities to make your event a special one.

What do they offer?

  • Chennai Spice offers great authentic South Indian and Srilankan food and also wines for your special day.
  • They also help you to choose the style of your wedding venue, theme and also color scheme. You can also arrange for an extravaganza fruit display or ice sculpture to make the ambience livelier.
  • You should definitely capture your special moments to recollect them later. Chennai Spice is associated with a number of professional and reputable photographers.
  • They also arrange DJ’s and Live band to add more color to your event.

The warm surroundings combined with exquisite Srilankan and South Indian cuisine can surely make your event a special one.  It is one of the finest banqueting venues located in Enfield, London.

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