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Relish the Cuisine of South India at London

South Indian Cuisine – Mildly Spiced, Coconut flavored, Steamed…

Soft steamed Idly, Fluffy Poori’s with Potato Masala, Crispy Dosas are just a fraction of Indian cuisine’s offerings. The South Indian states, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerela each have their own version of these dishes.

To taste the complete picture of the cuisine, you need not travel to India, since Chennai Spice, one of the finest South Indian restaurants in North London offer a vast selection of dishes prepared using authentic herbs and spices. So let’s discuss some of the iconic dishes served by the restaurant.


Idly – Fluffy, soft, steamed rice cakes is one of the most common breakfast in India, especially in the southern states of the country. These small sized rice cakes are usually served with hot sambars and chutneys.

Crispy Dosas:

Dosas- Traditional South Indian food prepared by using fermented rice and lentil batter, the Dosas are thin crispy crepes served with chutney’s and sambar. Though one can find several varieties of the crepe, Rava Dosa- thin crepes prepared using semolina and the Masala Dosa- thin crepes filled with potato masala and dash of mild spices are some of the common variants.

Medu Vadas:

Tired of filling your tummy with fiery spices? Then Medu Vadas are just the right snack you might be looking for. Medu Vadas – Deep fried doughnuts again usually served with hot sambhar and chutneys is one of South India’s favorite evening snacks and it is also taken along with Pongal and Idly as a breakfast.

Though there are a lot of Indian restaurants takeaways in Edmonton, Chennai Spice deserves its reputation for serving high-quality authentic Indian and Srilankan food. Apart from serving Indian dishes, the restaurant also has lavish banqueting suites to make your special events a memorable one.

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