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South Indian Restaurants Near Me

The creamy texture and complex flavors -oscillating between savory, spicy and sweet incorporated in the Indian cuisine intrigues even the non-Indians to try the cuisine. But many restaurants are absolutely off the compass, when it comes to authenticity, so staying in London you might be facing hiccups in exploring the best South Indian Restaurants Near Me. To help people with unending culinary favoritism, we have listed down some ultimate destination for South Indian eateries.

Desi Thali:

At Desi Thali, you can get to taste many things such as the colors, tradition and culture in addition to the flavors of the mystical land ( South India ). The restaurant is a refined and elegant place to dine for events, business parties and birthday functions. The Desi Thali restaurant brings you the ultimate Indian cuisine with a desi twist – Soft idlis, Crisp, buttery pancakes are served with colorful chutneys and lentil soups.

Chennai Spice:

Located in the Hertford Road, Chennai Spice is one-of-the-kind restaurants to visit to quench one’s cravings for Indian and Srilankan curries. They blend a variety of ingredients to their meals to ensure every mouth tastes sumptuous. At Chennai Spice, you can find great South Indian food available for both takeout or delivery. As the Tamil harvest festival – Pongal is fast-approaching, celebrate the festival in all its pomp and glory at this impeccable restaurant. ChennaiSpice: one of the best Indian and Srilankan restaurant in UK

Dhabba Express:

When the clock strikes 12, you can dine at Dhabba Express to taste some incredible South Indian foods for your lunch. Located near the Enfield Gold Club, this is an amazing South Indian restaurant that serves all culinary delicacy from the India states- Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra. Experience the rich variety of Indian culinary culture at this restaurant.

Dakshin India:

Another incarnation of the Indian cuisine near the Edmonton Green Shopping Center is the Dakshin India restaurant. If enjoying good food is your agenda then Dakshin India is the right place. You will find not just one luscious dish to choose but umpteen fantastic dishes to entice your palate.

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