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The Best Banqueting Hall in North London For Birthday Party

I happened to organise my 50th Birthday Party for a 300+ Guests at the ChennaiSpice Banqueting Suites, North London and i was more than happy to choose this place. This place is an absolute delight to host party and have scrumptious mouth-watering food with family. This aesthetically designed banqueting suites serves Indian, Chinese and Continental food at best rates. I have no words to say enough good things about this place. Not only the suite is Stunning with it’s beautifully decorated interiors but their services were also in par with the 7 star hotel which was a pleasure to experience it. They made us feel very comfortable while we were choosing the perfect menu for the special day. They are prompt to answer any questions that we have and have made the stress of searching for a venue completely hassle-free. This banqueting suite was a top choice for many of my acquaintances when they happened to search a venue for wedding, Birthday party, family get-together and festive celebrations, and this is how i got to hear a lot of good things about Chennai Spice. I’m extremely happy to have chosen ChennaiSpice banqueting suite for my Golden Jubilee Birthday!

Be it a birthday party, sangeet, wedding or a family get-together their only mantra is “every occasion deserves to be memorable”. Memorable in every possible way like the quality of food, the ambience and the service. At Chennai Spice, what they ensure is just that every celebration is carefully planned and executed to make it everlasting in the memories of each of our guests..

Overall, its a good place to visit once in a while to taste the delicious food and feel the aura around the hall. Ambience was so good inside the hall and a perfect spot for a perfect celebrations.

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