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Get To Know The Culinary Diversity Of Our Homeland

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At Chennai Spice we would like to offer you a selection of Indian & Srilankan cuisine that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, always freshly prepared using selected herbs and spices.

The variety of flavors of Indian & Srilankan cuisines are legendary and has always fascinated and enchanted people from all over the world. Cooking is an important part of a great tradition and reflects the facets of a significant cultural region.


Indian & Srilankan cuisines are as diverse as the country itself. And because all our passion is for this culinary experience, our menu also covers every taste. Vegetarian, vegan, meat or seafood: Try it out and let it enchant you. When it comes to freshness and good taste, we make no compromises. If you cook with original spices and ingredients, you can do without glutamate or other flavor enhancers.  Because we know that and are convinced of our ability, we prepare every dish freshly before your eyes.


In our restaurant you can enjoy the delicious variety of Indian & Srilankan cuisine. Discover specialties like tandoori and tikka on our eclectic menu.  All dishes are freshly prepared in our best quality. In addition to the fixed dishes on our menu, we have regularly changing offers for you with original organic spices made in India.

All our dishes are as diverse as the Indian subcontinent. Whether it’s a succulent lamb curry, a sizzling tandoori grill or a hearty vegetarian kofta, discover the diversity of Indian cuisine. We are happy to adapt the dishes to your personal wishes.


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