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One of a Kind Traditional Wedding Venue in North London

For a banquet or a gala dinner, you can choose Chennai Spice restaurant’s Function Halls in Edmonton London.

For such celebrations, the function Halls hold around 500 guests who can celebrate, dance, eat and drink according to all the rules of art. The large, representative foyer always plays an important role. Here you stand together for small talk, get a drink at the bar, take a look at an exhibition, if necessary, or browse through the displays.

A banquet in Chennaispice restaurant guarantees a special atmosphere. The large window front, the room height, the wood paneling – and of course the attentive and personal service of the gastronomy are trademarks and well known in North London. Depending on the seating, 50 to 70 people can be accommodated.

We have one of the most beautiful ballrooms and Party halls in Edmonton London. Since its opening, it has been a sought-after and widely used location for festivals and events (almost) of all kinds: lectures and concerts, balls and soirees, presentations, congresses, banquets etc.

The large hall can be expanded by opening the connecting door (room divider) to the Little function Hall. Of course, each room can also be used and booked individually. In front of the halls, guests will find a representative foyer that offers numerous options for receptions, exhibitions, etc.

Weddings in the Best Banqueting suites in North London

Our Banqueting Suites in North London offer an impressive setting for a dream wedding. Architecturally glamorous, splendidly furnished halls and a perfect all-round service are provided to you.

Hardly a festival that would not have been celebrated in our Function hall: from gala ball to the big New Year’s party, from the masquerade ball to the Thanksgiving, from the opening ceremony to the golden wedding our banqueting hall has seen it all.

The special atmosphere, the stylish Hanseatic environment, the special flair of the big house – all of these speak for a celebration of format.

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