Most Authentic South Indian Food in London

November 28, 2022

Searching for the Most Authentic South Indian Food in London?

In the vast (and literal) smorgasbord of Indian cooking, the food of South India is gormandize with particular relish. It has its own quirks peculiar to the four major cultural regions of South India. 

Indian gastronomy is popular across the globe. There are scores of restaurants catering to epicurean throngs looking for the delights of Indian food in London.

 The vegetarian haute cuisine is generally a culinary art in itself and very intrinsic to the seminal fabric of Indian culture. But the numerous forays of other cultures into ancient India have turned South India into a veritable melting pot of culinary experiments.

Now the palate is spoilt for choice among vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivore diets and omnivore   delicacies. London is fortunate to house several grande cuisine South Indian restaurants on its streets.

If you’re looking for a bit of spice and tang this weekend, hop on over and taste the fare of the Chennai Spice Restaurant, – you can’t get more authentic Indian food in London.

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Relish the healthiest South Indian food in London

The Vindhya Mountain range separates the people and culture of South India from the North and accordingly the culinary habits and tastes also differ. 

Unlike its northern counterpart, the Southern palate is conciliated with wholesome and healthy ingredients like semolina, ragi, rice flour, green gram among others. The recipes typically add zing to such nutrient-rich fare with mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut milk.

Here are some favourites:

  • Appams – pillowy feather-light staple from Kerala, prepared with fermented rice flour and coconut milk pureeand cooked into thin, crispy pancakes with a signature bowl-like shape. Legend has it that the Dutch adapted this pancake by caramelizing a little sugar into its edges to form a sort of frill giving us the iddi-appam or the paal appam.
  • Dosa – the Rice Crepe of India. The most popular and relished dish of South India now gaining global prominence. It is a thin crepe made of fermented rice and lentil batter, eaten with Sambar and coconut Chutney. 
  • Ragi Wheat Dosa – (finger millet wheat) version of the dosa and easily the most recommended by nutritionists
  • Soya uttuppam – Low in fat yet high on flavours! Taken with fresh veggies and piquant spices.
  • Pesarattu – the Green Gram Dosa

These are a few of the numerous health-conscious food choices you have at The Chennai Spice Restaurant, London

Sip and Nosh at the Chennai Spice Restaurant – the Top 5 South Indian Foods in London


Idliis a South Indian sponge cake prepared for breakfast with sambar (spiced lentil soup) and a slew of chutneys. South Indian kitchens have been steaming idlis for centuries. 

These savory cakes are traditionally made by soaking rice and black lentils (urad dal) and grinding them by hand with a stone grinder (now mostly with an electric food processor). The batter is fermented by letting it sit overnight—Southern India’s hot and humid climate is well suited for this essential process. After the fermentation, the batter is used to make idli, along with dosa, uthappam, and other South Indian dishes. These preparations are among the most sought after traditional Indian food in London.

Masala Dosa

The Indian Masala Dosa is a festival of delight for the taste buds. Spectacularly popular across the globe now, they even organize masala dosa fairs with every variation of the basic mashed and spiced potato rolled into a rice crepe formula!

The Chennai Spice Restaurant serves the most tantalizingly tasty masala dosa in London. 

We craft the masala dosa as a culinary work of art every time!

Gourmet savoury dishes are served up with a neat blend of the classic Indian culinary traditions you’d only find at the best Indian restaurants in London. We concoct the elevated flavors of the most elite haute-cuisine dining spots.

You might just spend a lifetime sampling every variation of the best masala dosas in London, at The Chennai Spice, and we hope you do.

Ghee Masala Dosa

The Ghee Masala Dosa is special in that the dosa is steeped in melting ghee (clarified butter). The aroma is heavenly and the taste simply divine. The ghee masala dosa in London is one of the more popular dishes demanded by regular patrons of the Chennai Spice Restaurant.

Looking at it, you‘d never think it substantial enough for a meal. But a well prepared Indian ghee masala dosa can be scrumptious and filling with its accompanying chutneys and sambhar.

Rava Dosa

The Indian rava dosa is made from semolina, cumin, ginger and coriander leaves and green chillies. The aromas from these crisp, toasted, thin crepes are exquisite and immediately whet your appetite for a hearty spice-filled south Indian feast.

Veg Dosa

These crepes are made light but fluffy enough to contain the mixture of sautéed diced vegetables like carrots, shredded cabbage, celery, onions, capsicum etc. The mirepoix is liberally stirred in cheese and paneer, with the most delectable herbs sprinkled on it. All in all – one fine vegetarian meal to relish.

Wondering Where to Find the Best Indian Food in London?

Indian food is probably the most popular and craved-for cuisines in London (and the UK at large). The city is strewn with thousands of Indian restaurants. It isn’t an exaggeration to opine that there are probably more Indian restaurants in the UK’s capital than there are in India’s capital – yes, in London than in Delhi! 

So, finding one that truly serves the best, authentic Indian food should be a breeze . . . you would think! Not so, is the general opinion of visitors from the land of spice and curry!

The restaurant business like any other is also strained by rising costs of overheads, competition and the odd pandemic! Naturally, people look for shortcuts and in this line of trade, it simply kills authenticity. The taste is artificial and mundane and far removed from the actual thing. 

In fact, one common observation is that all dishes seem to taste exactly the same!

This is where The Chennai Spice Restaurant, London stands apart from the crowd. The imprimatur of Indian visitors to London is emphatically stamped on this restaurant for the authenticity in the cuisine! This is where you get the best Indian curry in London.

They do not cut costs and yet serve their fare at modest rates. They retain the original flavours of the recipes and every item on the menu is distinctly palatable, quirky and full of its own character. They are easily the leading kitchen among the good Indian restaurants in London.

Come enjoy the true essence of Indian cooking – book your table now!

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