Tips for Banquet Planning

July 11, 2022

What is Banqueting?

Banqueting refers to the performance of special events in an establishment that is separate from the regular dining area or service space in many restaurants of the Hospitality industry, referring to the provision for conducting a function including particular number of people at particular times when food and drinks are selected or arranged. Banqueting suites are the rooms where these functions take place. Banqueting suites are used for hosting many functions such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, baby showers and bridal showers, business conferences, business meetings etc.

The to-do list:

A to-do list can help you stay organized. Make a to-do list that includes all important tasks that should be carried out.

What is the purpose of your banquet?

Banquets are typically hosted to increase the reputation of the host or strengthen social bonds between the joint contributors. Modern examples of this are charity galas and a company annual meeting, fundraisers etc.

Banquets are typically held as a way of celebrating an important event, accomplishment or achievement. This is why they are very popular in the corporate sector however, they’re also effective in bringing people who share the same interests or themes in common.

Whatever the goal is, it’s crucial that it is reflected throughout the whole occasion – from the invitation/ticket up to entertainment, speeches.

A few common reasons to throw an event are:


Birthday Functions

Retirement Parties

Business Meetings

Annual Meetings



What is the theme of your banquet?

Having theme for your banquet is one of the most common things while planning for one. Kids for example wants their birthday parties to be themed like Disney character themes, princess parties, Halloween parties, masquerade parties etc. this is one of the most important aspect of planning a banquet. We have to first decide what this party or banquet for. Then we have to decide which theme will suit the most for our banquet. We all have some fantasy characters whom we like to dress up as every once in a while.

Just choosing a theme is not enough. You have to make sure all decorations, dress codes, food and catering units etc are all prepared as per the theme. For a Christmas party, we all want to have Christmas themed food not Halloween party themed. So having a theme for a party or event is crucial. Then we should plan the décor, food, ambience and outfits of the participants also according to that.

How to Manage your budget?

The ability to stick to a budget for an event is vital to ensure the event is successful. If you’re an experienced event planner, new to the business or you’ve just found yourself organizing the next event in your business or a social gathering. So let us look at the key factors.

The three areas which are worthy of spending your budget majority are:




These are just three major areas for budget allocation. Other areas that need to be taken into consideration are Décor, transportation charges, event insurance etc.

Location and Venue

Choosing an appropriate venue is of critical importance while planning a banquet. Some of the factors to be thought of while choosing the venue are:

Choose a venue that matches your theme and requirement.

See if the venue is easily accessible for guests as well as for suppliers.

Choose venues that are budget friendly, and provide other inclusive extra services like catering, staff and event management team.

Decorating the Venue

Décor of the venue should be in correspondence to your theme. The décor of your venue should be able to imply the message perfectly. Selecting a venue that is architecturally attractive maybe a bit costly, but that will only require less decorations. And a basic room with minimal requirements if selected, can help you redecorate it as per your requirements. Centrepieces, table linen and return gifts can also be included in this list.

Table and Seating Plan:

Majority of a banquet takes place behind the table and since that is where the people sit have a significant impact on their experience at the occasion. If it’s a business event it is possible to explore two possibilities. People are seated according to their respective teams. This will allow you to segment teams in the way that is consistent with what they have been used to. Make things interesting and assign individuals with colleagues who they may not typically have contact with. This can be a great way to bring the team together!

Catering & Food Menu:

Banquets are all about food, and it’s vital that lots of thought be given to the menu! It is important to provide the menu with a variety of choices as well as alternatives for guests with specific food preferences. It is a good idea to ask guests to RSVP with their preferred menu prior to the event to ensure that the appropriate portion of each meal can be made. Also select the appropriate catering providers possible. For example, for Asian weddings, you can always look for the best Asian Wedding Caterers in London.

The Banquet Dress Code:

It’s a common practice to demand that guests at banquets adhere to an exact dress code since it enhances the overall ambience and enjoyment of the event. As mentioned previously that a dress code for smart attire like “black tie” is to be the best choice for a formal dinner. This is a great option for all occasions in that it allows guests to dress out with their outfits and still retains a formal atmosphere when needed. Once you’ve chosen the dress code for your event It’s important to write your complete details on the invitation/ticket so that guests don’t end up arriving dressed too casually or overdressed.

Guest List and invitees:

The guest list is determined by the reason for the event. Whatever the reason, make sure to include an appropriate number of guests, providing as well as others if needed. It is also vital to ensure that you don’t be a burden on anyone.

Banquets for business or corporate banquets

If you’re planning an event for your company to celebrate one person or to celebrate business successes, it’s crucial to invite all employees of the business. Inviting people other than employees to a lavish celebration can hurt the morale of your employees and is essential that everyone gets the benefits of your business’s success.

Family/social club banquet

Perhaps you’re the chair of a local theatre/tennis/social club and have been tasked with arranging a banquet to bring the members together. Since this is a more informal affair, make certain to invite the members’ partners and the former or retired participants of your club.

Banquets with a profit

If you’re planning your event in order to earn a profit it is possible that you will have to consider investing in outside marketing to attract people to the banquet. You should spend a portion of your budget on highlighting the benefits your event can provide in terms of location as well as entertainment, theme and venue.


It is always better if you have any sort of entertainment planned for the guests. Entertainment can take many types, and it all depends on the budget you have set. Many event organizers choose Live Music, Tarot Reading, Stand-up Comedy as well as magic shows, trampolines and bouncing castles for kids.

Make sure that the entertainment you choose to provide is consistent with the theme and work closely together with your master of the ceremony to incorporate it seamlessly in the overall flow of your celebration.

Transportation & Logistics:

It’s important that you present your guests with accurate directions to the banquet venue, as well as any other relevant information about public transportation or suggested taxi providers. If you’ve decided to supply your own transportation, be sure to include that in the invitation/ticket. It’s critical to contact with any outsourced firms to ensure they know how to get to the venue and where they can park to load any equipment, as described in the ‘Venue and Location section.’

Importance of Event Insurance:

A successful banquet necessitates a significant amount of work, planning, and, of course, money. You never know what cards you’ll be dealt with during this, so make sure your event is covered for any disasters, such as:

The event location has to be rescheduled at the last minute. After investing countless hours and large sums of money into arranging your event, it’s critical to protect yourself financially.

Other things to consider:

Try to record the whole event so that it can be a part of your memories if it is for your special day.

It will be nice to have something special planned for the banquets that you host. For informal events, wedding functions, birthday parties etc, you can always include photobooths, props for photography etc. This will provide the guest a source of entertainment, the venue a special touch as well as more memories.

Comments or Wish Jar: The guests can leave messages for couple on wedding so that they can treasure as a keepsake.

Concluding Thoughts:

So, in this article, we have covered all the points that you will possibly require while planning a banquet. Feel free to add any more that you find important in the comment section.

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