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September 20, 2022

That Crucial Social Event in the Offing? Pick your Perfect Caterer!

Catering Company in London-  Certain moments in your life need to be ‘just that perfect’! It takes planning with no room for error, to achieve it. Hosting a significant social event is one such moment. This is an occasion that can turn out to be spectacularly successful or just an embarrassing debacle!!!
Can you take the risk of not guaranteeing a spectacular success? Assign the task to the most efficient, capable and reliable people in this sphere.
We are an established and popular Catering Company in London. We have earned a reputation for our unfailing competence, efficacy and dependability


1) We provide in-house catering at the Venue Our business affiliates with every major banquet hall in Edmonton and Enfield. Whichever venue you select, we work in tandem with the venue owners to provide delectable cuisine fresh off the stove and on demand. The kitchen is made available at the venue itself.

2) We let you taste the fare, even your prescribed dishes We can schedule a scaled-down rehearsal of the catering arrangement. Your approval of our quality, presentation and taste is paramount in our service.

3) We offer curated advice on planning your budget for the event
Realistic appraisals of costs and expenses can be addressed and the ideal solution arrived at.

4) We go the extra mile to accommodate your every need We regard the service as a partnership and not just a business for us. Your personal requirements are our overriding concern and meeting them to the best of our feasible ability is a top priority.

5) We provide wide-ranging menu options to suit different palates
Vegetarian, Gluten-free, dairy-free! – You name it we do our best, to provide it.

6) We can provide referrals and testimonials
Happy customers and industry specialists will gladly take your queries and clear any reservation you may have about us.

Major Points to consider while planning a Catering Event in London:

Determine your guest head-count
This decision is the basic parameter for your budget. The size of the venue, the amount of food provided and overheads like furniture, transport, etc., will hinge on this.

  • Fix your Budget
    Plan your costs and expenses with thorough research and comparative study.
  • Select the Best Catering Service in London
    Identify the most appropriate caterer on factors that conform to your budget. Find your value for money in their competence and efficiency. A primary concern here is their affiliation with the venue owners. Referrals too are important. The caterer must provide wide-ranging menu options to reflect regard for individual preferences. This can avoid cases of food allergies during the function, while highlighting the versatile nature of the menu offered.
  • Select your Venue
    As per your budget dictates, select your venue with factors like

  • accessibility for guests and family (traffic congestion, a major pitfall)
  • Al fresco facilities
  • In-house catering
  • Obliging and compliant public relations personnel
     Familiarity with the Venue

Once you select the menu you need to familiarize it like the back of your hand. Study the floor plans of the hall and foyer to approve caterer layout and arrangements. This will be a major factor to select your caterer too. You can assess their familiarity with the venue to provide smooth and efficient food dispensation to the guests, their aura of decorum and etiquette, and their general attitude of cordiality.

The Evolution of the Best Catering Company in London

Chennai Spice has established a distinction among aficionados for being one of the best South Indian and Sri Lankan Cuisine Restaurants in London. It is certainly the place to tingle your taste buds with the rich and spicy flavours of tropical cooking, while lounging in decorous and relaxing ambience. British tradition has always absorbed the vitality and zing of East Indies culture.

Through cataclysmic war and the more recent and ruinous pandemic, the famous bulldog tenacity of the English have left their favourite proclivities in situ. Indian and Sri Lankan cooking with all its spice and heat has never lost its charm in English hearts. Located in North London. Chennai Spice has grown on the English disposition for exotic food. It is now a neighborhood favorite among the sip and nosh establishments there. From the entrenched cuisine business, we extended our services into Event Catering.

This enterprise now projects our efforts into organizing various kinds of social functions to make an impact with presentation, coordination and food- catering. We are now easily the foremost catering service in all of London. Years of experience in the cuisine industry make our fare at social events remarkable and outstanding. No other catering company in London can claim the success and fame that Chennai  pice has earned.


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